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wordsworth Essay Example For Students

wordsworth Essay One day the speaker is purposelessly walking around like a cloud in the sky with no purpose but to float around. He happens to stumble across a beautiful field that is filled with daffodils that is alongside a lake. He says that the flowers are dancing and moving in such a way that captivates him. The lake moves in a marvelous way that makes him just stop and stare. Both the lake and the flowers move in a way that is so seamless he can?t take his eyes off it. The lake is beautiful but the flowers look so happy. He believes that a poet couldn?t but be intoxicated in the company of the flowers. He didn?t envision that the flowers would be such a treasure that he would keep for a long time. That whenever he felt like a bottomless pit and his life was going wrong he could just remember the flowers and everything would be all right. He exemplifies a time when he was aimlessly walking around in a pasture like a single cloud in the sky that looks like and outcast. ?I wandered lonely as a cloud that floats on high oer vales and hills? (). Then out of nowhere he sees a field of flowers that is as far as the eye can see moving as beautiful as anything he has come across before in the breeze. In the following stanza he starts to really describe the flowers in great detail. ?Continuous as the stars that shine and twinkle on the Milky Way they stretched in never-ending line? (Wordsworth). He pronounces its beauty in a way that makes it so picturesque so you can envision its beauty. They make him think of the Milky Way the way they are packed so tightly seems like it will go on for eternity. Then he goes on to say he believes there could be about ten thousand flowers right in front of him. Then he uses personification that the flowers are dancing like they have a sprit in them that is actually making them move. The next stanza is about comparing and contrasting the flowers and the lake. Even though they are both elegant and touching he believes that the flowers give of a vibe that is happy while the lake is just glittery and shiny. He goes on to say that like himself a poet couldn?t contain his joy in the company of such elegance and beauty. He stared for a long time trying to comprehend the significance of what looking would give to him. ?They flash upon that inward eye which is the bliss of solitude? (Wordsworth).In the final stanza he talks about when he finally comprehends it. He learns that it was afterwards when he was alone and depressed that he thought on that time in the pasture and it made his heart just melt. That experience gave him what he has never been able to see as a poet and now he can use it to his advantage whenever something goes wrong or makes him sorrowful.

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Animal Experimentation free essay sample

If you are a pet owner, like many you dont wish for any harm to come to them or any other animal for that matter. However in this world there are organizations that mistreat animals and experiment on common house hold pets such as dogs or cats. The two reason for animal testing are First, to find out more about the animals themselves, and, secondly to test substances and procedures to see if they are harmful (with a view to find out if they are harmful to human beings) (Dixon). Through these experiments they have made great medical breakthroughs, but at hat cost? One hundred million of animals are killed every year to find treatments for human diseases. Animal are put through a great amount of pain and suffer to ultimately reduce the suffering of humans, But is it worth the suffering of another living being? There are better more effective ways to limit the suffering of humans and not harm another living creature. We will write a custom essay sample on Animal Experimentation or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Biomedical research needs to pull away from animal testing and embrace the new alternatives of the 21st century. Through animal testing, researchers have been able to improve the quality and life expectancy for humans. If we compare life from last century to our current one anyone can see that the death rate has gone down because of the medical advancements that were made possible by animal testing. There have been a lot of important advancements in medical research through animal testing. Insulin vaccines, vitamin, the immune system, and many of the HIVE and cancer treatments we use today were discovered through animal testing. In 1628, William Harvey published his famous work De Motto Cords. In it he writes about his discovery of blood pressure by pumping blood through the heart of over 30 different animal species including man. His discovery helped lead to treatments for high blood pressure and a better understanding of the physiology of man and animal. However, that was in the past. There are new alternatives to animal testing that yield better results and have less animal casualties. Animal testing has led too large number of medical advancements and should not be stopped. The reduction of human suffering is the highest priority. If a human can be saved from suffering and even death then is should be Justifiable to allow animal suffering. Researchers have had the ability to discover major medical breakthroughs through the use of animal testing. Breakthroughs such as insulin, many of the vaccines (smallpox, chickenpox, tetanus, and many more) used today, and the treatments we use for HIVE and cancer patients. Dry. Joseph Murray, a Nobel Prize winner agrees that through animal research we will be able to find a cure for aids. However, what rights do we as humans have to force another living creature to endure any type of pain and suffering? Animal research is expensive, time consuming, and overall unreliable. It is important that all drugs be tested on animals before putting them onto the market. To be sure that a drug or antibiotic is safe for a unman it should first be tested on an animal. One of the most crucial tests is the mouse protection test. A mouse or rat is ideal in animal testing because of their small size and short life span. A mouse is given a vaccine then tested to see how well it is protected from the infection. The best way to know if a vaccine is safe and effective is many other products can only be sold after they are tested because, animal testing is one of the most reliable ways to test the safety of not only medicine, but other products. To ban animal experimentation would be to paralyze modern medicine (Dixon). Humans can only be tested if they have given their consent to the test. With this is in mind it is unfair for animals to endure the many painful tests that are forced upon them every year. While there are similarities, keep in mind that animals have a very different physiological structure than humans. These differences cause humans to react to certain stimuli very differently than the animals they are tested on. There are many problems facing animal research. Animals are put through endless suffering during the animal tests. They are put into isolation, and forced to suffer through disease or injury and are not properly anesthetized, and re often euthanized at the end of the trial. Even before the trial begins animals are treated roughly for not cooperating, and transported under unacceptable conditions (Animal Research). Most animal testing is done on animals like rats and mice that are nothing like humans and therefore, are not very reliable in showing how a human would react to the vaccine. In many trials drugs that fail in animal tests, do not continue on to be tested in humans. Some of the drugs could have been effective to humans will never be known because the tests did not continue on to be tested on humans to find out the effects. It is unclear how often this happens since the drugs are never tested on humans. According to Mike Alleviate, Secretary of Health and Human Services, nine out of ten drugs fail in clinical studies (Animal Research) because we cannot predict how they will react in humans without testing the drugs first in humans before putting them on the market. A huge concern with animal testing is the sheer cost of the experiments. According to Nobel Prize winner, Dry. Joshua Elderberry we are spending two to three hundred million dollars a year. In his statement he calls the money we are spending on animal testing worthless. It is cheaper to use the alternative method of Vito testing to replace animal testing. Many of the Vito testing methods are half the cost or less than that of traditional animal testing. Pfizer reported in 2004 that it had wasted over two billion in testing methods that failed in human testing. The millions that are spent on faulty testing methods should instead be used to help fund alternative methods that will overcome all the scientific problems and ethical problems of animal models. Advocates of animal experimentations have overstated the achievements that animal testing has made. During the animal trials animals are under different conditions than a human would be when taking the drug. Animals are put under stress and sometimes may suffer from physiological and abnormal behaviors. This could cause the drug to react differently to the animal than it would to a human who is in a natural environment. There have been reported drug failures in the I-J, nearly causing the death of the human study volunteers. This is evidence that animal models cannot properly demonstrate the outcome of real world events. This is also proof that alternative methods need to be taken more seriously. Many of the drugs that are put on the market after animal testing are later removed because of harmful side effect that accrued with humans. According to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) there have recently been a lot of complaints about approved drugs causing serious and these products from the market or have black box warnings put on the labels. To reduce the suffering of animals we need to follow the three ors: reduction, replacement, and refinement. To reduce animal suffering we first must reduce the number of animals used. A reduction method must provide the same amount of information without the use of as many animals. By removing the pain an animal suffers or minimizing the pain we are refining animal experimentation. To replace animal experiments meaner to have an alternative method of testing that gives researchers the same amount of results. There is one major alternative to animal testing that costs about half of traditional animal testing yielding even better results. That alternative is growing cell cultures from human cells or Vito testing. Another benefit to using cell cultures is that when a vaccine is found through cell cultures is n a pure state that eliminates the need for safety testing. Other alternatives to animal testing include human clinical studies, computer modeling or silicon biology which are very fast and could speed up some animal testing that could take months or years in normal clinical trials, Synthetic membranes that can eliminate the traditional testing of shaving the fur of an animal and applying a corrosive chemical to the bare skin to see its effects, MR., and autopsy. Each of these methods are less expensive and provides better results than animal experimentation. There have en a number of medical breakthroughs because of animal testing. However, the amount of animals lost is much greater. Over one hundred million animals are used in animal trails each year. In these trials, animals are infected with disease and are treated harshly. These animals suffer through so much unnecessary pain. All these animals are put through this torture because the researchers want to limit human suffering. The many drugs that are put on the market after deemed safe by animal testing though are often recalled because, like the FDA, they companies that market hem receive complaints about how the drugs were ineffective or led to harmful side effects. There is no reason we should still be using animal testing when there are better, cheaper meaner, for alternatives tests that ultimately yield better results. Alternatives such as, cell cultures grown from human cells that have better results through testing, are half the costs or less than that of animal trials, and in some cases eliminate the need for safety testing. Now is the time for animal research to disappear and for researchers to embrace the new methods. This way no one person ill have to choose between animal life and medical advancements.

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THE PLOT OF STAR WARS EPISODE II essays Rather than write it all myself, Josh Griffin of has given me permission to use one of TFn's updates (this one) called "The Story So Far." Everything written in grey is from TFn, and everything in purple is stuff I've added. I have also added links to the official site's "select images" so you can see how they fit in with the story. As Episode II begins, we learn that Amidala has left the throne on Naboo and has been replaced by the newly elected Queen Jamillia (Select 9: Queen Jamillia). Now going by the name Padme Naberrie, she represents Naboo in the Galactic Senate. We also learn of a deal between Count Dooku and Jango Fett. In exchange for the right to clone an army out of Jango, Dooku gives Jango... a present. At one point, Senator Padme intercedes in a dispute between the Geonosians, the Kaminoans, the Commerce Guild, and the Intergalactic Bank Clan. She uncovers some corruption (created by Darth Sidious) and possible plans by the Neimodians to re-arm themselves. She voices this concern in the Senate. After becoming a blabber-mouth and speaking out against corruption, there is a failed assassination attempt by Zam Wesell in the Senate. Zam, I believe, has been hired by Senator Orn Free Taa (Select 3: Orn Free Taa). Padm doesn't think her personal bodyguard Captain Typho is enough, so she turns to the Jed i for help. Yoda and Mace Windu assign Anakin and Obi-Wan to protect her because they have done so in the past.Obi-Wan, Anakin, Padm, and her two handmaidens - Cord (Veronica Segura) and another (Rose Byrne) - later go to a night club called "Dex's Diner." (Select 6: Dex's Diner) There is a scene in the club in which Elian Sleazebagno (Matt Doran) does some "trouble making" (not sure what - maybe he hits on Padm, who knows.) During this scene Zam Wesell attempts to shoot Padm (Select 14: Zam Wesell) but ends up killing Cord. Obi-Wan and Anakin chase Zam (Select 1: Run...

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Free Speech and Its Limits Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Free Speech and Its Limits - Case Study Example The history of broadcasting in this country began when all radio stations were publicly owned by controlling the public's ownership of the airwaves. Stations were licensed to use a given frequency and were deemed to be a public service. In return for the use of the airwaves, the station had a responsibility to provide news and information that was in the public interest and promoted the public good. This gave rise to the 'Public Service Announcement' and the concept of 'equal time' for political candidates. However, with the privatization of the airwaves by big media concerns, these historical concepts have given way to entertainment and agendas. Within the framework of legality and decency there should be no limits to free speech in the media. Technology has made radio, television, and the Internet more accessible to consumers as well as content providers. This proliferation has caused our society, culture, politics, and government to become enmeshed and inseparable. If we rid our media of politics, we will not have a forum to discuss our most important social and cultural issues. Free speech was granted as a way to air our differences and find common ground. It protects us from tyranny and oppression and reduces the suppression of the minority viewpoint. The mayor of Port Arthur

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Gun Control Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 4

Gun Control - Research Paper Example te this realization, the liberals have continued to push for the gun control as it increases the voter’s dependency on the government to offer them protection. The political effect has impacted the gun control in that it has shifted the voters leftward leaving the main supporters of the gun control to be the leftists politicians and liberal media (Kleinig & Lafolletee, 17). The Gun control is now believed to be a limitation or a denial by the government through the congress of the right of the citizens to armed self defense as stated by the Second Amendment of the United States of America Constitution (Kleinig & Lafolletee, 18). The congress have come out strongly using the discredited yet superficially appealing that the less the lawful-owned guns in the hands of the citizens, the fewer the crime cases even though guns have been considered as the main weapons of defense in America. The justification of their argument is that gun control laws result in enormous hardships. A good example is that of May 2012 when a gun control law led to an African American woman to be sentenced to prison for 20 years for just firing warning shots to her husband (Kleinig 280). This case resulted to an outburst of outrage around Florida as most people were against this sentence terming it as being unconscionable. The state has considered coming up with laws that ensure li ability in gun manufacturing and cover issues on shooting sports and personal protection. The laws also ensured that the licensed guns remained within the boundaries of the state exempt from the regulations of the federal that include licensing, background checks and registration. Most of the congresses believe that the gun control has potentially resulted to an increase in crime cases related to the use of guns through restricting its primary deterrent which is self defense. Statistics have it that law-abiding citizens in United States who use their guns outnumber the criminals who use guns and the ratio has

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Pop culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Pop culture - Essay Example Video games has opened a new culture in the world of entertainment leading to the emergence of a new form of popular culture. It is recorded that the initial games used interactive electronic devices with various display formats. Some of the earliest examples of video games the Cathode ray tube Amusement Device that was filed for a patent on 25 January 1947 by Thomas T. Goldsmith Jr. and Estle Ray Mann. The two designers were deeply inspired by radar display tech that was made up of an analog device that allowed a user to control a vector-drawn dot on the screen to simulate a missile being fired at targets, which were drawings fixed to the screen. While there has been a great element of changes leading to ink split on video game culture, the actual definition of the term is often treated as common sense to many people. The unraveling of the discourses surrounding video game culture offers room for people to envisioned in the power dynamics involved in attributing certain characteristics to it, as well as naming it. This approach has implications for how video games are studied as well as how they are interlinked with how culture is studied more broadly. By critically examining how video game culture has been defined in both press and academic articles, this paper seeks to elaborate how this cultural aspect has emerged to be considered on the most advanced forms of the popular culture. According to Tom Bissell in Extra Lives: Why video games matter, the rise of video in the current generation has resulted to the emergence of a new form of popular culture. He admits his great love and passion for the games. It is recorded that millions of adults all over the world, spend several hours every week playing video games leading to the growth of the industry. It is estimated that the industry is likely to outdo the film industry in Hollywood. However, the

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Virgin Marketing and Human Resource Strategies

Virgin Marketing and Human Resource Strategies Introduction Task 1 Critically evaluate, appraise and analyze the management of human resources to aid the development of business strategy in Virgin Trains Virgin Trains is successful today because it is known for running high quality, fast and reliable state of the art trains over the different cities of UK including London, Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow. A very good management of people is the key to success in all the businesses. Management of Human Resources Human resource management focuses on the recruitment management and provide the right direction for the people who work in the business. They deals with all the issues related to the employees including hiring, performance management, safety, benefits, employee motivation, organisation development, administration and training. An effective HRM system allows the businesses to address human resource issues strategically. In virgin trains, they are managing the human resources very well as there is a set of managers responsible for the operating area in each region and they link up with others to share the ideas and expertise. The managers of the business are working actively with all the employees within the business. They ask them questions about how to improve something and their point of view and ideas. This technique is very effective as it makes the employees feel special. If the employees know that their views are important for the business, they will even work harder. Strategy is the direction and scope of an organisation over the long term. Corporate strategy is about strategic decisions in all type of businesses. In Virgin Trains, corporate strategy is their business policy which they make to run the business successfully and to work towards it. Task 2 Critically evaluate strategies of Virgin Trains for people recruitment, retention, Training, learning and development which maximize the skill and contribution of people The case study shows that the virgin trains supports to hire people who are willing to adopt the vision of the virgin trains. Apart from the person specification, virgin also looks for the people who are willing to support the vision and allow them to speak freely. They also look for the people who have a calm behaviour and can listen to their customers without panicking. This type of recruitment sets out the relationship between the organization and its people respecting different views and encouraging openness and honesty. They can get the best of the resource by publishing their vision along with the hiring ads. In order to retain them, virgin trains undertake the development of their employees very seriously. They have encouraged their employees to take part in decision making. They have always appreciated the suggestions coming from the employees who are directly in contact with the customers. This encourages the lower staff and they feel free to share their practical experien ces with the managers to develop much more suitable services for their customers. Employee Development For The development of their employees, virgin trains arranges workshops every week to keep them up to date with the current market trends that help their employees to deal with the customers and the daily challenges in a much better way as compared to their competitors. Virgin trains have given their employees a lot more benefits and some great training programs to develop their personal skills. Approaches to Select Right Candidates There are different approaches to select the candidates. To attract the pool of candidates they use media like newspapers, websites, internet, internal hiring and through job fairs arranged in universities and colleges as well. The best one would be to hire from within the organization. As the people inside the organization will already have an idea about the culture of the organization and they will prove better to be promoted. In case of new hires, the best idea would be to get new blood in the organization through job fairs arranged in colleges. The strategies adopted by virgin to develop and retaining employees are ideal. They have arranged workshops on weekly basis and on the job training that proves great for the employees. Another thing is the participation of the employees in decision making which motivates employee and helps retaining them. Virgin has developed a talent wheel for their employees who help them to identify what sort of behaviors does their employee posses that help the organization in future training as well as promoting the right employees. In this way they are not only finding the best but also reducing the extra cost and saving the time that would have been wasted on someone not capable enough o handle the positions at higher level. In this way the bad performances can be improved through the training sessions and also can help employees to self manage them. The best thing to do while checking with the performances is to run a 360 degree performance reviewing program in which all the peers, sub ordinates and managers take their part to evaluate their co-worker. In this way, you can get the right idea about how much an individual is performing at all levels. As we also see in case of the management development, Virgin is running learning and development training courses for its managers. These courses are actually targeted to improve the leadership skills. A lot of leadership programs for front line managers are also helping the cause of management development. Due to all these steps, virgin rails has successfully set up the KPIs such as reduced leaves, improving customer satisfaction and lowering the staff turnover. Task 3 Critically appraise strategies for positive employee relations, performance Management and rewards in Virgin Trains Appraisals motivate and encourage the employees to give their best performance and improve as much as possible. Appraisal system gives opportunity to the staff to improve their performance and set targets for their selves to achieve. If the employees will do self-appraisal, this will help them to manage their own performance and make improvements in their selves. Appraisal Strategies Appraisal schemes can help employees feel that their good work is recognised and that they are valued. The management of Virgin Trains gives appraisals to their staff if they done their work well. It can also provide an opportunity to discuss any weaknesses they might have, and to come up with the solutions. They can also link the appraisal systems to decisions about pay, bonuses and other incentives such as share schemes. They also give appraisals to the more junior staff like cleaners, drivers and others. They could be more motivated by the appraisals. All of these methods of rewarding system for the employees are maintain to motivate the workers and to make feel loyal with the company. There are so many different reward systems which specially designed to suit the workers needs. For example, the pension schemes to their workers who want to stay with them longer. But for the lower jobs like cleaners, drivers, porters wont accept pension schemes if they are not staying with the hospital for longer period. Employee Involvement Techniques Every business use employee involvement techniques to run the business. Virgin Trains also uses these techniques in the business so the workers more involved in decision making. The employees fell happy and motivated if the management involve them in the decision making process. They involve their employees in the actions which they take for the good cause of the business. They ask them what they think about the particular matter and discuss it with them. They may do whatever they want but they always involve their employees in the decision making process. The employees feel more loyal with the business and it makes them feel happy and secure. It also makes them feel that they have a value so they can express their feelings easily. Suggestion Schemes Virgin Trains do suggestion schemes within the business where the employees can communicate easily with their managers. The employees can give their personal suggestions to the management. Through this way, they can involve their employees with the personal matters of the hospital. Through employees suggestions, they could save a lot of money. They give prize to the employees if the suggestion is successfully implemented. This method motivates the employees to give useful suggestion to the management. Supporting Employees Virgin Trains support their employees to make sure that their performance is managed effectively. Supporting staff have two forms, one is mentoring and the other is monitoring. Mentoring it is when the management allows one employee to get access to another employee for help and advice. This is very important as it encourages the employees to achieve the best performance. A senior employee who has vast experience in the work can be work as a mentor. The mentors will pass on their knowledge to the employees to support them. This will be very beneficial to the employees as they will get the ideas from their mentors which help them to improve their selves. Monitoring through this, the managers can measure and analysed the performance of the employees. They can work together with the employee to see if they are improving their performance or not. They can do formal or informal monitoring to see their performance. Competence The management of Virgin Trains is making their workers more competent so they carry out their tasks easily. They need to make sure that the staff has enough training and experience to do the work. If they have competent staff, they can deliver better service to the patients. This will create a very good reputation for the business. They should invest enough money in staff training so they have latest training for the work. Then they can check the level of performance of the employees with other employees and the workers of other hospitals and see how they are doing. Through this they can check that if the staff needs more training so they can arrange it for them. Task 4 Critically appraise the importance of marketing within the development of business plans of Virgin Trains and analyze the processes of market development Marketing Objectives Objectives must be set before producing a marketing plan, as marketing success cannot be measured without these. Marketing Objectives a statement of what is to be accomplished through marketing activities, McDaniel Et Al (2009), 2 simply set out what the business is trying to achieve. Marketing Mix Decisions The marketing mix involves elements of marketing (7 Ps) being used together in order to meet customers needs and expectations to gain a brand image and reputation. (Marketing Teacher. 2010)7. The 7Ps will now be looked at in relation to Virgin Trains, and the importance of using them will be shown. Product As Virgin Trains is a service organisation, the product will be the trains running in the big cities of UK. They aim to provide the best service to their customers. The product is an important element of the marketing mix as it must meet customers needs and expectations. Price The prices for the tickets are not high at Virgin Trains. It depends where someone is going to. The price range of tickets is  £10 to  £50. The price for the travel from Birmingham to Manchester is as cheap as  £10.50. They have pricing strategy for their trains so people prefer to travel on Virgin Trains. They constantly do special offers on different ticket prices so to attract the customers. Psychological pricing will be used to attract more customers, because it will seem like they are spending a lot less. The company will also use penetration pricing, where the price is set low in order to gain market share, once the product reaches the growth stage in the product life cycle, prices will then be slightly increased. Place Place includes all the train stations in big cities like London, Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh .etc. big train stations like Piccadilly train station in Manchester are used as distribution channels. Retail outlets such as Selfridges, other large outlets will be used as distribution channels. Places of distribution are important, without these the customers are unable to know about the service and travel. Consequently, these locations have been chosen cautiously, for example customers from the local areas can catch the train from their nearest big city. Promotion The main promotion technique used by Virgin Trains is advertising; this will be done by using the internet, train stations and magazines .etc. On some occasions the company may do special promotions such as buy one get one half price, this will encourage customers to purchase more as they will be saving money. They do special offers on their website by selling cheap tickets. Promotion is a key element to make customers aware of what the company has to offer and advertisements give customers a vision of what to expect from the business. Sales promotions also help to generate more income and attract new customers. People People includes staff as well customers. In Virgin Trains, all the management and people who are dealing directly or indirectly to the customers have the knowledge and skills such as good communication, to help them whilst interacting with customers. These people all play an important part of the company, as the staff is required to assist customers in order to gain brand reputation, and customers are required to use the service again and again. Process This entails the process of providing a service to the customer from the first, to the last point of sale. Therefore Virgin Trains should obtain customer feedback to measure if their current practice is efficient and helpful to customers. The process of buying the tickets from the stations and via their website must have to be easy and secure to meet customers expectations Physical Evidence The physical evidence allows customers to make judgements on the company based on their perceptions; this can be related to the building, uniform, etc. Virgin Trains are the main physical evidence for the people and also the stations where they can catch the trains. All the trains must be in good condition so the customers have a memorable and comfortable journey. They also have their own website where people can go and find the information they need. This is a very effective way of giving the information to their customers as people can check the ticket prices and timings from their home. Task 5 Critically evaluate, appraise and analyze the place of information systems and new technologies in developing business and marketing strategies and planning The main role of Internet marketing is simply to provide quality information to the online public, and making it accessible to them by taking into consideration the different methods used by Web surfers. One of the biggest advantages of online marketing for Virgin Trains is that it facilitates quick and easy sharing of information amongst consumers. This reduces the companys marketing costs to a large extent. On the internet, there is wide range of websites to look at for so customers have wide variety of choice available. They can also compare the prices of the tickets and choose the suitable for them with reasonable price. There is wide range of information available on the internet so people can check and get that information from their homes. Internet also allows the customers to download the information they need. Internet marketing provides opportunities to the businesses. Through the internet, Virgin Trains have the opportunity to develop their service. They can use latest technology in their website to meet customer expectations. They can put different images of the service they provide on the website so people can look at them. Having a website is very beneficial for Virgin Trains as they can communicate with their customers even better. Customers can contact them through internet. Through this they can get the contact details of their customers and use it for the future promotion. Customers find it very easy and convenient to buy and look for the information over the internet. It saves their time to go out and look at prices and timings because some people dont like going out so they find it very easy to use the internet as they can check and get all the information from there. New Technology in Developing Business The new technology is improving day by day so Virgin Trains needs to keep pace with the new technology because to stay competitive in the market. They have to make sure that they meet customers expectation. They can do this by providing them the latest technology online. One of the biggest advantage of the use of the internet is that it overheads the business cost. For example, they have cheaper tickets available online so the customers, who will get the tickets from the internet, will get cheaper prices. This will save the time of the people and more and more customers will use the website and buy tickets from it. An online business have to provide payment security to their customers as well so Virgin Trains have to make sure that the payment method they are using is safe and secure for their customers. If the customers will have the experience of non secure payment method then it will go against the business. They will loosen their customers because they will stop buying from them online and not trusting them anymore. This will affect the strategy of their business. The benefit for having an online presence is that they can be seen by more customers nationally and internationally. Their customers will increase so this will have a big impact on the business. Investment in Information Technology If the businesses want to achieve benefits from e-business, they must invest in the field of IT. They can do investment in hardware and software requirements, security issues to consider, designs and maintenance of a website and network technologies. This is very important as it will beneficial for the business itself. Task 6 Critically evaluate, appraise and analyze the place of information systems and new technologies in developing business and marketing strategies and planning Marketing and Operation in Manufacturing Total Quality Management (TQM) m It means that the management of the business not just need to check the quality of the products on the production house but to check as the whole organisation. Everyone within the business from managers to employees involves in TQM effort to improve the processes, products and services because it requires approach that is much more comprehensive. This process requires the quality department to spend more on doing planning rather than just inspection and control. This means it is not just the products but it is also the process of producing products and the service, which they provide to the customers. Internet is the most important and popular tool which people choose to search for any product. So for the manufacturing business, it is the best way to market their products. First of all, they need to have an internet appearance so people can search them over on internet through the most used search engine Google. The images of the products are as important on the website as the website itself. They need to convey very large amount of information because there is a lot of information available on the internet and the competition is strong. The main principle of marketing is to understand the customers needs. Carrying out a research to find out what people want from you is very important. The competition is always strong for manufacturing business so they need to be very careful when selecting the pricing strategy for their business as the customers will easily move to the other businesses if they found the products expensive. This will have a big impact on the business and its strategies. Service and Not-for-Profit Organisation A service organisation is the one who provides the service to their customers and make profit from it. It is also known as profit organisation. The best example of service organisation is Virgin Trains as they are providing the best service to the customers all over the UK. Whereas, a not-for-profit organisation is the one which does not distribute its surplus funds to owners or shareholders but use them to peruses their goals. The example of the not-for-profit organisation is the charitable organisations, trade unions or public arts organisations. Both profit or service and not-for-profit organisations are similar in many ways. They both need to generate their revenue to spend on the operations of the company to survive and grow. They both are producing a good or service for the society. They both employs people and managed and run by them who are employed for them. Marketing strategies for profit and not-for-profit organisation They both need to make a positive relation with the target audience. Target audience are the group of people which they want to sell their product or service to. The selection of media to do marketing is very important. A not-for-profit organisation needs to choose the right media for promotion. They need to make sure that they have a visual identity even if they are not selling any products. They need to frequently display their organizations name and logo on newsletters, reports, signs, and brochures. A memorable, well-designed visual image will strengthen awareness of the organization. Conclusion